About This Project

This website has been designed to provide information on the Strategic Infrastructure Development Application for the proposed Kilcormac 110 kV substation.

Harmony Solar Offaly Limited is applying for planning permission for the construction of a 110 kV substation and associated site development works for a 10 year permission period, in the townland of Freagh, Co. Offaly.

Following consultations pursuant to Section 182E of the Planning & Development Act 2000 (as amended) (the Act), An Bord Pleanála determined that the proposed development is Strategic Infrastructure Development within the meaning of Section 182A of the Act which necessitates a planning application being made directly to An Bord Pleanála.

It is a requirement of An Bord Pleanála that the applicant create a specific website to include all of the application documentation which can be publicly viewed/downloaded.

The planning application is for a 10-year permission for the construction of a 110 kV ‘Loop In-Loop Out’ (LILO) substation and associated works. The proposed development will constitute the provision of the following:

The proposed development will constitute the construction of a 110 kV ‘Loop In-Loop Out’ (LILO) substation and associated works on a site of 2.72 hectares; which will include the following:

  • A substation occupying 2.1 hectares, comprising:
    • Transmission System Operator (TSO) compound with electrical equipment, transformer sub-compound, bus bars sub-compound, cable chairs and substation building (435 m2), which will be enclosed by palisade fencing containing an area of 0.84 hectares;
    • One 110 kV transformer within the TSO compound and the provision of an area for a second transformer if future TSO expansion is required;
    • TSO expansion area enclosed by palisade fencing at 0.78 hectares; and
    • Operators compound (with switch room building, electrical equipment and rainwater collection system) enclosed by palisade fencing at 0.25 hectares. The proposed operators control building will have a gross floor area of 216.4 m2.
    • Perimeter protection area of fencing at 0.19 hectares.
    • 7 No. lightning masts to a height of approximately 18 m.
    • 1 No. telecoms pole to a height of approximately 20 m.
    • Additional space for the possible future requirements for a Harmonics Filter.
  • New entrance to the L6042 local road shared with the proposed solar farm.
  • A 5 meter wide access road corridor (807 m long).
  • Underground cable corridor of approximately 121 m in length and provision of 2 no. 16 m high mast structures linking the proposed substation to the adjacent existing overhead 110 kV transmission line.
  • Associated construction works and drainage infrastructure.

The proposed substation and associated works are required for a proposed solar energy project, identified as Kilcormac Solar Farm, sited at three land parcels located at the townlands of Dovehill, Gortnamuck, Curraghmore (Eglish By) and Freagh, Co. Offaly. This was subject to a planning application to Offaly County Council (reg. ref. 2374). The proposed solar farm consists of ground mounted photovoltaic solar arrays and associated ancillary infrastructure, and was lodged to Offaly County Council on 24/02/2023.


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